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We are in a position to catch the difficult words in your audio to produce a clean word transcript for you.

Fast Turnaround

Our TopMost service offers turnaround in just 24hours.

Different Formats

We can deliver your transcript in plain text, html, PDF or MS word format.


You can never go wrong with our clear per-minute pricing strategies. Just select which service you need, count the minutes and send your paypal payment for your order to start. No surprises!

Trusted by Professionals

Our transcribers have decades of combined experience and we are trusted by the biggest private and government entities.

Different Languages

We can also Transcribe Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian and Turkish Languages. Contact us today!

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Budget €1.50/minute

Budget Transcripts invoice about 5 works looking at short sections of your audio. We can offer this lower value service since we can fit this during slack times. Usual turnaround tends to be around 2 to 3 weeks, but if you are on a deadline we suggest using our 1 Week or 1 Day Services.

Only €1.50/minute!

Terms & Conditions


1 week Express €2.50/minute

Our 1-week Service gives you back your transcript within a week. This service also comes with a money back guarantee unless your 1-week deadline is met please refer to Terms & Conditions. For this service we use to service of our most experienced transcribers which undergo an extensive QC service to ensure consistently impeccable results.

Only €2.50/minute!

Terms & Conditions


1 Day Turbo €4.00/minute

Our 1-day service is our platinum type service with the fastest possible turnaround. You are guaranteed your transcript in 24hrs or you will be refunded back your money, please refer to Terms & Conditions. For this service we use to service of our most experienced transcribers which undergo an extensive QC service to ensure consistently impeccable results delivered in a flash.

Only €4.00/minute!

Terms & Conditions


Difficult Audio + €1.50/minute

Sometimes the environment of your next event is not exactly optimal. In can be in a loud classroom, or a packed room. We have specialised software to be able to clean your sound and extract the best words humanly possible.

Only €1.50/minute!

Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

To be able to offer you the high quality service that you expect of us, we would like you to keep in mind the following.

1. We must receive high quality Audio. Our transcribers will first listen to a sample of your audio and determine if it's up to standard criteria. If your audio is audible but is of lower quality, we can still transcribe your audio, but it will take our transcribers longer, which is why a surcharge applies.

2. The Audio must be in a supported MP3 or Wav File and sent either by email to support@audiotranscriptpro.com or via www.wetransfer.com if it's larger than 8Mb. For those of you who never used www.wetransfer.com is an online file-transferring platform, which basically means that you send a file, type your email address, type our email address which is support@audiotranscriptpro.com, attach your audio file, they wetransfer it. There’s no hassle. No stress. No charge.

3. 24hr Turnaround jobs cannot be guaranteed if Audio is longer than 1hr.

4. Audio should have four or fewer speakers per order and a minimum of specialized terms or lingo.

5. If your audio has any distracting background noises, e.g., other voices, laptop keyboards, cafe sounds, jets taking off. your project will be automatically upgraded to Difficult Audio.

6. You must estimate the length of the audio file correctly. When the length is off, it takes us longer to get your order started.

7. When making your order, please send correct payment total to our paypal address which is support@audiotranscriptpro.com, for your order to commence. If for some reason we cannot complete your other, you will be fully refunded within 12-hrs. Please feel free to contact us should you have doubt on your order total. We start the clock ticking the second we are notified that you paid for your order.

8. If your audio is longer than you paid for, we don't start working on the file until it is paid in full. We will send a link to you to pay for the additional minutes of transcription.

9. If the audio is difficult, we may ask you to add on Difficult Audio to your order if you have not. If you don't want to add it, we may choose to downgrade your order in order to add on Difficult Audio (i.e. 1-week transcription becomes Budget + Difficult Audio). If you need your file as fast as humanly possible, use the difficult audio option. We cannot guarantee the turnaround, but generally it gets done very quickly except in cases with poor quality audio.

10. If you have more questions please send us an email at support@audiotranscriptpro.com.